Minutes of the October Meeting of the ASPVA State Committee

In conformity with the by-laws and in the interest of transparency, the minutes as recorded by Secretary Aaron Linderman are set forth as follows:

On Saturday, 22 October, the State Committee held an online meeting. Stephen Ferry, Aaron Linderman, and Karis White attended.

Because this was the first meeting since the passage of the new bylaws, in accordance with those bylaws, officers were selected from the membership of the Committee: Mr. Ferry as Chairman, Mrs. White as Treasurer, Dr. Linderman as Secretary.

The Committee discussed the need to expand ongoing outreach and communication efforts. To that end, the Committee agreed to ask for volunteers to serve as a media coordinator and a membership coordinator. The media coordinator will lead a team of volunteers who engage with the media, particularly as issues emerge or are in the news, ensuring that the ASP position on these topics gets out.

The membership coordinator will oversee efforts to sign up new members, particularly by means of physically meeting people (as occurred, for the first time, and to good effect, in Northern Virginia on Friday).

The Committee will also call for volunteers to be regional coordinators, to help coordinate meet-ups, attendance at local hearings of concern, etc. Regions may be merged or new ones created as needed, depending upon the needs of the party and members.

The Committee discussed our outreach strategy and the need to reach new groups of people. To that end, we will develop some basic talking points, a list of frequently asked questions, and a basic flyer or pamphlet, which members can use for presentations to local civic, educational, or religious organizations, at fairs or conventions, etc. During the next legislative session, ASP VA will identify legislation of concern and work to build alliances with other groups concerned about these items. Dr. Linderman will lead the drafting of the FAQs; Mrs. White will track legislation.

The Committee also discussed plans to release a voting guide, examining the positions and voting records of candidates for office. The guide will be accompanied by a statement that ASP VA cannot, at this time, endorse candidates for office, since none meet the full breadth of our vision and ideological polarization is just too high. However, we offer this information on the candidates for the informed consideration of voters.

Finally, the Committee discussed the pros and cons of becoming an incorporated entity. Such status would require us to file tax returns each year, even in the absence of funds. Until we are planning a serious fundraising effort, we will forego incorporation.