Christian Democracy is the Inoculation to the Alt-Right, Part 3

I believe I have sufficiently revealed the Alt-Right as the new National Socialists and the conservative movement as the unwitting vehicle for their platform. With that said, it is time to offer hope. That hope is Christian Democracy and the American Solidarity Party.

Thomas Jefferson wrote that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” We, along with all rational human beings, hold the same. This is the tradition of our forefathers: all men are equal and have rights from God himself.

Where the National Socialists would parse this to mean only the White, such a thing cannot be true. For if God has endowed all men with these rights from the beginning, there is no human power that can limit or abrogate it. No law of man can violate the natural right every man has been given by God, no legal status can deprive him of his human status and the dignity due him.

The National Socialists talk about what is superior in man and they believe it is demonstrable by race. We know from our forefathers and from religious principle is that what is superior in man is God and virtue. The National Socialists believe that good men are born from the pairing of superior genes. The rational man knows that good men are born in the fires suffering and triumphs with enduring virtue.

Where the Alt-Right perverts the community into a servile body to the good and needs of the many, we place the community into a broader context. It is not where the individual attains worth, but is instead where the free association of human persons work together to attain the common good of all in solidarity. Man has worth from God and nature, not a collection of people. Man gives worth to the community by being in it and acting in it, not the other way around.

In this time where conservatives are losing the very center of their movement and being torn apart by the many wolves they let enter under the pretext of friendship, the American Solidarity Party gives a political voice to the one crying out in this desert of moral subjectivity. In us is the soul that the conservative movement forgot and is now at risk of losing. In us is the tradition of universal, natural, human rights and the inviolability of the human person.

We stand for Life at all stages: from the child at conception, to the mother giving birth, to terminally, to the elderly and alone. If we believe that everyone has a right from God to Life, then it is our responsibility to reserve Life in all stages. This means opposing abortion, restricted access to quality health care, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, capital punishment, cuts to food and heating assistance programs, and any other threat to the thriving of human life.

We stand for Liberty. We believe that each level of society should be concerned only with the problems proper to it. The intervention of higher bodies of government into the decisions of the lower bodies, especially the family, should be restricted except in the most extreme circumstances where the very principles of natural justice upon which our nation was founded are directly threatened. We believe that families should have the freedom to thrive and have the most possible autonomy and control over themselves as the most basic unit of society.

We stand for the Pursuit of Happiness. We believe that happiness is not something that is sought by an individual, but by all human persons. We believe that happiness is best found in virtue, in the excellence of human behavior. We reject the National Socialists and their proposition that happiness is found in materialism and goodness comes from specifically white communities or any specific ethnic community. We believe that happiness is found in Truth and all human persons of all walks of life pursue Truth above all things. This universal desire, placed at the heart of humanity by Nature and Nature’s God, does not divide us, but creates a universal imperative for mutual friendship and cooperation. Such endeavors are difficult; we do not deny that. But unlike the National Socialists we do not view suffering and material want as things to be avoided by shutting out the poor and the vulnerable. Instead, we believe that man is most fully human when he unites his suffering with those of his fellows.

Christian Democracy answers the call of the National Socialists by rejecting their first premises of racial differences and psuedo-Nietzschean philosophy for the cultural dry rot that it is and returns our focus to the universal truths that western civilization has know since God first spoke to Adam: all men have worth beyond measure. Confirmed in this belief in the inherent dignity and worth of man, the American Solidarity Party endeavors to unite Americans in the cause of the common good, working together in solidarity with subsidiarity against those who would collectivize some and divide all. After all, it worked for Poland.


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