Christian Democracy is the Inoculation to the Alt-Right, Part 1

I will begin my essay refuting the impending accusations of exhibiting Godwin’s Law with a plain explanation of terms.

Herein, the term “Alt-Right,” while it means several things to many people and all are different, shall be defined by the most prominent and intellectually incoherent definitions published by the Alt-Right supporters of the National Policy Institute and Robert Spencer. Much like a debate on whether or not zombies would be a apocalyptic threat or merely shotgun fodder for CDC agents in HAZMAT suits, we cannot discuss every Tom, Dick, and Harry of the largely undefined movement. This choice of definition serves two purposes. First, it precludes any who identify as Alt-Right but do not fall into the NPI’s line of thinking. Second, it is the precise ideology I am trying to refute. And that ideology is National Socialism.

For those who don’t know, National Socialism was made infamous by being the inspiration for the mass genocide of Jews, Poles, Romani, and other undesirables in mid-20th century Germany. That’s right; the NPI are Nazis. I can already hear the groans and eye rolls, but the facts are there and I intend to point them out.

NPI publishes a journal called Radix, which is the Latin word for root or stump, depending on your dictionary. The name is important as it goes with the NPI’s motto: “For our people, our culture, our future.” The “root” that they are clearly trying to defend racial. That is not me saying it, that is Radix writer Aylmer Fisher. In her article, The Prolife Temptation, she tries to tear down one of the cornerstones of the conservative movement with one of the following arguments.

First of all, the pro-life position is clearly dysgenic. A 2011 study showed that in 2008, while 16 percent of women aged 15-44 lived below the poverty line, among women who had abortions, the number was 42 percent. Hispanic and African-American women made up a combined 31 percent of this age group, but almost 55 percent of those who chose to terminate a pregnancy. The reasons behind these patterns aren’t hard to figure out. In a world with reliable birth control, it is quite easy to avoid an unwanted pregnancy; the only ones who can’t are the least intelligent and responsible members of society: women who are disproportionately Black, Hispanic, and poor.

A natural experiment in Colorado shows what happens when a state makes contraception and abortion more freely available. Over the last decade, the state has moved to the Left, and in 2009 it began offering free or low-cost long-acting contraception to poorer women. The state provided intrauterine devices and implants that, unlike condoms or the pill, did not require that the user be responsible enough to plan ahead. Within a few years, the birth rate of low-income women plummeted. In states where Republican legislatures have enacted a pro-life agenda, the opposite has happened.

A study in Europe found that over 90 percent of mothers who were told that their babies were going to have Down’s syndrome did not continue the pregnancy. In 2011, it was estimated that there are now 30 percent fewer people with the disorder in the United States due to prenatal diagnosis. In the future, as such technologies improve, what the Left calls “reproductive freedom” will continue to be the justification for private-sector eugenics.

It does not take too much thought to connect the statements here with those of the eugenic policies of National Socialists. Here Fisher argues that abortion is necessary to keep the poor from having too many children and to weed out birth defects. This is not unlike the forced sterilizations and outright murder of the poor and disabled respectively. The NPI’s solution, therefore, to poverty and disabilities is the Final Solution. I am not saying that; they are.

Byron Roth, writing fro NPI’s “research” section, argues that genetics can and should be used to explain lower IQ levels in groups.

On a more mundane level, the reality of human differences is, as James Watson suggested, the most powerful argument against the varied wasteful and generally unpopular policies pursued in the name of “fighting inequality.” For instance, the government has continued to spend enormous sums in the attempt to eliminate racial disparities in educational attainment on the false premise that any such differences are the result of bias, rather than the result of obvious differences in ability. Fifty years of this effort have produced no reduction in racial differences in academic performance. Currently, major efforts are underway to expand the efforts of the Head Start program into universal pre-schooling, which all research has shown to be of no value in improving performance.

A recognition of natural group differences would allow for a serious challenge to programs of racial preferences in the form of Affirmative Action, minority set-asides, and disparate impact rulings, all of which are premised on the assumption that racial differences in ability and temperament do not exist….


Roth argues that genetics can determine everything from how well you will do in school, whether you will commit crimes, and that denying that differences in genetic groups cause or at least contribute greatly to racial inequality is the source of all our woes. If this is not enough to cement the ties of NPI’s Alt-Right with National Socialism, we can go back to Fisher’s article for definitive proof.

If there were to be a pro-life position that we could accept, it would be based on arguments about what is good for the community. The case would have to be made that abortion is what is decimating the White population and decreasing its quality. While it’s true that a blanket ban on abortion would probably increase the White population in there numbers, it would, no doubt, decrease the overall quality, as well and leave all races stupider, more criminally prone, and more diseased.

Here is it quite explicit that abortion for eugenic purposes and should only be banned if were prejudicing White people. But more importantly, look at the invocation of “what is good for the community.” This is not Christian self-sacrifice. For the National Socialist, all values are judged based on their utlitity to the community. The community actioin programs the NSDAP implemented in the 30’s were geared toward the value of Volksgemeinschaft, best summarized by the mantra, “collective need ahead of individual greed.” This is why NPI supports a single payer healthcare system, at least for Whites or the preservation thereof. Their immigration policy is almost a direct copy of the NSDAP’s “Blood and Soil” belief, i.e. one is a citizen of a nation when they are both “of the blood” and born in the nation.

As parting thoughts, I leave you this quote.

“Its secret is to deal with the people not as individuals but as crowds. The message to the crowd is a series of simple, basic, memorable words — nation, people, blood, family, comrade, friend, home, soil, bread, work, strength, hope, life, fight, victory, birth, death, honor, beauty. [It] is set up as having a monopoly on giving the people these virtues and good things. To a people whose immediate past has been hard, muddled and apparently irremediable, simple emotional words have an immense, reverberating authority. But most of all the little man who is lost and friendless in a complex, lonely modern society is treated as important, if only in the mass.”

If you think that is a quote from another Alt-Right writer talking about NPI, you would be mistaken. It is a 1933 Life magazine article talking about the NSDAP. Be honest; you thought it was talking about the Alt-Right at first. I sure did. So let’s be clear; I don’t call them National Socialists because I want to shut them down and cut them out of the national debate. In fact, the opposite is true. I call them National Socialists because that is what they are ideologically. Their racial policies, they thoughts on the community, their whole value system and appeals to emotion are taken almost directly from the National Socialists. And the scary thing is that they are taking over the conservative movement. Slowly, the conservative movement has been losing its base to the ideology of NPI and ultimately the NSDAP. Few conservative publications hold out against the onslaught and if the rise of Trumpism says anything to the conservative movement, it is that Reaganism is dead to the base and a new ideology has taken root.

But there is a solution to the Alt-Right and it is the same solution that was presented back in 1933: Christian Democracy.


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