Right to Life Month: On VP Pence Speaking at the March

I have to say, I am very excited for the Vice President to be speaking at the March for Life. This brings unprecedented visibility to one of the most important, peaceful, and longest running protests in US history. At the same time, I am concerned about what this may mean for the prolife movement in general.

VP Pence is very staunchly against abortion; unlike his president, he is unambiguously opposed to it and has worked to limit it in his home state of Indiana. What concerns me is that Pence’s stance on other life issues are not at all congruent with the prolife movement. I will accept that we need to get allies where we can, but we need to be cautious that Pence and his view on what being prolife–basically just being anti-abortion–means.

Who could forget the very high profile argument between Pence and then Archbishop Tobin over the resettlement of refugees? During that struggle between the power of the state and the power of the Church, Pence lost because it was Tobin’s decision to  continue participating in the federal refugee program, not Pence’s. Now the shoe is on the other foot and I hope that the experience dealing with now Cardinal Tobin and his witness then of what it truly means to believe that every man has the inalienable right to life has changed him. I hope that the experience will prompt Pence to influence his president to give justice to the vulnerable and the dispossessed refugees.

I further hope that, when he said last August that some illegal immigrants can stay, means that he will support the BRIDGE Act and provide justice and mercy to thousands of innocent children. I hope that his commitment to vulnerable children in the womb will extend to those out of it, with special attention to the poor and the oppressed. If his commitment to human life is so strong, then I hope he is ready to reform the exploitation of the visa system so that even those who overstayed their visas received justice if they have been used by their employers.

I hope that his commitment to the unborn will extend after they are born and work to protect their right to basic needs such as food and shelter as well as their right to a good education and health care. It would be a poor prolifer who didn’t want to continue to protect life after it is born.

I hope many things for Vice President Pence. Some may say it is a fool’s hope. Yet, if I believe in the inherent goodness of mankind and the sovereignty of Divine Providence, then I must give Pence and even Trump a chance. I hope they both stand for life and life for the whole life. If they do, I will praise them as long as I have breath. If they do not, then I, and all other Americans and people of good will, shall fight with all our strength against them. After all, we are talking about human life here. What else is more worth fighting for?


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