Life Matters, Today

Life is an amazing thing.  Human beings have an astonishing capacity for creativity, beauty, and self-sacrifice (and, yes, cruelty as well).  Moreover, every single life is unique and unrepeatable, a work of art, a meteor that blazes through a moment of history.

One of the wonders of life is its origin.  Out of the passion of man and woman comes a tiny little creature, at first almost infinitely small.  And yet, in a staggeringly short space of time, that tiny little creature – in whose DNA, from the first moments, are contained the blueprints for the wondrous human body – begins exhibiting the obvious features of human life: hands and feet, fingers and toes, and a beating heart.

Protecting the lives of the unborn, who are among the most vulnerable of our society, should go without saying.  Sadly, since the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, legalized abortion has been the law of the land.

The American Solidarity Party is committed to reversing this travesty through constitutional and legal measures to recognize the fundamental right to life, from conception until natural death.

That means electing pro-life officials, lobbying for pro-life judicial appointments, and praying for a legal reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Simply waiting for that day, however, is not enough.  Even while abortion remains legal, we can – and must – work to build a culture of life and address some of the broader social factors which fuel abortion.


We can support crisis pregnancy centers, among them the Pregnancy Centers of Central VirginiaCrisis Pregnancy Center of Tidewater, HOPE in Northern Virginia, Care Net, and many others.  We can help ensure that such places have ultrasound machines and the other tools they need to help convey the reality of life before birth.

We can support adoptions and efforts to provide adequate funding – from both public and private sources – for those who wish to adopt, as well as lobbying for adoption processes that are understandable and efficient.

We can educate young people to understand the dignity of human life and the importance of their sexuality.

We can take seriously the needs of the poor, working for universal healthcare, job training, maternity leave, and affordable child care.  No mother should ever believe that choosing life is not a viable option; we have the duty to make clear, in a credible way, that every life matters.

ASP observes January as Right to Life Month.  We invite you to think about what you can do, in your local community, right now, to protect the lives of the weak, the vulnerable, and the unborn.

Today’s image comes courtesy of the Walk for Life West Coast.

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