Right to Life Month: Tell Gov. McAuliffe Not to Veto

I am generally inclined to believe that every person is fundamentally good and tries to do things for the right reasons. Governor McAuliffe has challenged this belief greatly. General Assembly Republicans are planning on passing a ban on abortions performed at 20 weeks. What is our dear governor’s reason? If you were expecting long passionate speeches about a woman’s right to choose, you are going to be disappointed.

“I can’t sit back and have that sitting out the same time I am traveling the globe recruiting businesses to Virginia….If there’s something that would be damaging toward business, and to our image around the country and the globe, I’ll veto it, you bet I will.”

So women’s rights now apparently rank lower than getting businesses to come to Virginia. Personally, I think it has more to do with  McAuliffe’s high rating with abortion advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and their continued support to his campaign. What business would refuse to do business in one of the best economies in the nation simply because an elective surgery is restricted. Seeing as many of the employees of those companies–recent polling shows that 2/3rds of Americans want greater restrictions and regulation on abortion–likely desire such restrictions as these hadn’t entered into his calculations. On the face, it is sacrificing children on the altar of Moloch or giving up the children for presumed economic boons. When we consider the connections McAuliffe has and their influence on his campaign, then we can see that he is keeping the pro-abortion lobby happy, lest they dump him from their pocket. There is another consideration McAuliffe seems to have overlooked.

The bill was introduced by Del. David LaRock of Leesburg. For those of us who remember the 2013 governor race,  McAuliffe’s lead there in Loudoun was only 4%. Seeing as Donald Trump took Loudoun county in the general election, it seems McAuliffe is unconcerned about his own reelection or the election of a future democrat. Losing Loudoun, considered by many to be a bellwether, due to feigned business concerns–I doubt Wells Fargo is going to close its branches down in Virginia over it nor do I think that Nike will refuse to sell shoes here–would mean the further destruction of his party.

The most important issue, however, is that McAuliffe seems to believe that any consideration is greater than the fact that a child at 20 weeks is half way through gestation and has functioning cardiovascular and respiratory organs, higher brain functions, and a nervous system capable of pain. Yes, that’s right. McAuliffe would like women the ability to cause some defenseless creature, who’s only crime was gestating according to natural, biological processes after the mother’s copulation, excruciating pain and a horrible death. I am not one for posting the pictures of mangled fetal corpses; I don’t have the stomach for it and I have too much respect for the dead.

But the torture and eventual death of any creature in this manner is the greatest cruelty man can devise. No argument can be made that it is just a blob of cells; this is an organism that looks and actually acts as a human child. Its humanity cannot be denied because it does not look like a human or does not have the brain, heart, lung, or other organs of a human; it does. McAuliffe would like to protect your right to violently rip it from the safe and secure confines of the womb–an environment devised by nature to ensure the survival but also comfort of this child–and place it, still quivering from the shock to the nervous system and often piece by bloody piece, into a tray to be dump with other medical waste. This is what McAuliffe wants to protect. You know, because business.

Shylock makes some very important points that can be applied here. If you prick a 20 week old fetus, does it not bleed? If you tickle them, do they not, in their own way, laugh? If you poison them, do they not die? The answer is yes to all these questions. The only question that Shylock asks that the 20 week old fetus cannot say is that when they are wronged, they cannot revenge.

God said, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay.” We may not revenge ourselves on McAuliffe; that would counter the very cause for which we fight. Indeed, wishing all manner of curses and ill-will cannot advance the cause of life. Instead, we need to implore to his humanity, the humanity we all share and share with the child in the womb from conception to natural death, and ask him not to veto this bill, to go against the forces of money and power that are preventing him from doing the right thing. If economic and political upheaval are not enough, if the plight of the child in the womb is not enough, then we simply must vote in 2017 for a leader who will do the right thing. It is, after all, the best revenge we could make for the children: to deprive the man who was to  be their protector of the power he sought. That is the best justice we can affect; let God handle the rest.


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