Seeking Solidarity: Post Election Thoughts


We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

It is easy to be upset. It is easy to shift the blame. It is easy to blame ourselves. All these reactions to the general election are very easy to do. What is not so easy is to do is pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off, and be happy. It is hard to do because we live in a time without hope. Many of us had hope back in 2008. That hope and optimism faded by 2012 and now it is all but a distant memory. Even the victors do not have much hope; many of them don’t think the person they elected will actually do anything. They are more concerned with making sure he does nothing, or so it seems. Today, in 2016, we are without hope.


That is, unless you are in the American Solidarity Party. Yes, our candidate had no practical chance of winning. Yes, we have no representation in government at the present. But that is what makes us so strong. St. Paul was right and I shall now boast in my weaknesses.

We are small but we are growing. In the span of a few months, we grew larger and larger. We got certified write-ins in enough states to get noticed. We accomplished more in a few months that it took other parties years to accomplish. We are not hemorrhaging members due to ideological factions warring. Instead, we are fortifying our foundations, plumbing the depths of our first principles, and drawing from the wellspring of our forefathers’ wisdom to find better ways to solve our nation’s woes.

The election is over and we in the ASP have tremendous hope. We have hope and joy even in such certain and inevitable defeat. For in our defeat, we have gained recognition and those who stared too long at the mountains looking for help now see us by their shoulder holding them up. The election is over but the wounds inflict are great and deep. Only Solidarity can heal the evil partisanship and liberalism has wrought. We intend to give it to the American people who are starving for unity.

The American Solidarity Party will give that unity, that common and committed concern for the good. We are not seeking power for power’s sake or even for ideology. Instead, it is for the plain and simple truths that we all know already. The laws that rest in the hills; the oaths taken in the fields; and the justice that is in our blood. All these things are our goal. We seek to make know what is the most well known, what everyone already knows but wants to ignore. We advocate the hard truths no one wants to see but needs to in order to be happy.

One of those hard truths is that we must forgive. We need not forget, but we must forgive. We must give people a chance, no matter how terrible we think they are. For if we are truly going to advance the proposition Lincoln talked about so many years ago, then we must see that our enemies too were endowed with the same rights and dignity as we were. It doesn’t seem fair and it certainly isn’t nice. It will be difficult  and we won’t get everything we want. But, if we shoulder the burdens together, fight against the prejudices that rise up in ourselves first, and commit ourselves to mutual and sincere concern for the good of one another, we can heal our nation and make her greater than she ever has been before.


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