VA Chairman Answers the Critics on Crux!


ASPVA Chairman Stephen S. Ferry answers the criticism of Professor Charles Camosy in a recent article at! In the article, Mr. Ferry outlines the the ASP’s strong commitment to the rights of the unborn. In Virginia, the ASP pledges to stop public funding to clinics that perform abortion; to protect the consciences of doctors who refuse to perform infanticide; and ultimately, once and for all, enshrine in the Virginia Constitution an amendment declaring what is self-evident: that human life begins at conception and ends in natural death and that threats to such a declaration should be abolished at every turn. In Solidarity and with subsidiarity, we can put a stop to the Culture of Death, end abortion, and usher in a new day for life rights in the Commonwealth!

“The ASP supports a constitutional life amendment. This would define, once and for all, that life begins at conception and ends in a natural death. Our very first plank is taking the issue of abortion off the table entirely by making a radical affirmation rather than a condemnation.

We affirm that all have a right to life from conception to natural death. Thus, we do not merely oppose abortion, but we support life. It says more than mere opposition ever could. It is a bold and firm stand for life, not merely against abortion.

The affirmation of the inalienable right to life is the cause of all opposition to the various threats to life and so we go straight for the gold: enshrining the right to life in the Constitution along with such rights as freedom of speech, bearing arms, and voting. In short, we cannot be “mealy mouthed” when we are taking a much more restrictive and bolder stand.

An important fact about the ASP is that every member is unequivocally against abortion. There is no debate over its immorality and the need to remove such a great poverty from our nation. We differ from every single other political party by requiring that all new members affirm the sanctity of human life prior to joining.

Even if our platform seemed to Professor Camosy to lack strong language on abortion, the truth of the matter is that the party itself, i.e. its members, are so staunchly pro-life and opposed to abortion that Camosy’s objection seems trivial in comparison to the general will of the party.”


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