Listen to Our Candidate Mike Maturen Talk with Mark Shea!


We are grateful to Mark Shea for hosting ASP presidential candidate Mike Maturen on his show “Connecting the Dots!” You can listen below and hear the powerful testimony of Mr. Maturen that truly represents the frustration turned hope of the American Solidarity Party: we are done compromising our principles for politics and we are going to make our politics based in our principles.

We hold no illusions of grandeur. We don’t hope to win the presidency this November. What we do aspire to do is establish a viable third party on local and state levels at least. Confirmed as we are by religious and rational principles that any person of good will can recognize, we offer a home to the mass of political refugees created during this election. Come to a party that represents your principles, not someone else’s politics. Below is a contact form so you can join and get involved today.


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